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Report On The Latest Statistics In The Construction Sector

The construction industry in the United Kingdom has definitely been growing and this has been happening since 2009. Statistics have it that in 2016, the industry has reached 105 billion pounds. In 2017, most of the work in the industry have been more on maintenance as well as repair. Of that, 23% was all for housing purposes which were aimed at private individuals wanting to have their own homes. With this, any construction recruitment agency London can attest that this industry has kept them busy and on the tip of their toes. The need for workers has been especially high.

Raking in the revenue

Studies have also shown that there are a number of construction companies that are based in the United Kingdom that have an annual revenue that are over three billion pounds. This means that these companies are handling a lot of construction projects and need a lot of workers to help them out with such. A construction recruitment agency London have stated that they have been pretty busy in the past number of years trying to match the qualified individuals to companies that need them. Not surprising though as the production of the entire construction industry in the UK for 2016 has been estimated to be at around 288.9 billion Euros.

Construction firms in the UK

As per official statistics from the UK government, in the third quarter of the year 2017, the total number of firms in the country have reached a total of 314,590. Among those, 260 construction companies are employers of at least 300 individuals.

In total, around 2.73 million individuals have become employed by the companies in the construction industry. They were directly or even indirectly employed by these companies and firms. This shows that the success in the construction industry is very beneficial to the economy of the UK as well as to the employment rate. Studies have shown that come 2022, the number of people employed by construction firms in the country would reach 2.77 million individuals. Any construction recruitment agency London will surely know that this will keep them pretty busy.

The salary in numbers

Studies have shown that the construction industry in the United Kingdom is among the top paying industries in the country. The average salary paid is at £40,782 and that is almost 50% higher as compared to the national average.

The highest paid occupations in the construction industry are those that are part of the managerial roles that are also quite technical. According to a construction recruitment agency London, to be able to find a good match for this position, they have to make sure that the individual should have graduated college and should also have experience in the field.

Those in managerial and executive roles get high salaries. However, on the end of the manual laborers, their salaries are just about the average salary of the whole country. They also get to do various jobs and are constantly employed because of the huge amount of construction projects happening in the UK. 

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