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Report On The Latest Statistics In The Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is a booming industry not only in the United Kingdom but everywhere else in the world. Plenty of people are part of this industry and the need for staff and employees is continuous - that is why any healthcare recruitment agency in the United Kingdom can attest to being always busy matching professionals to healthcare companies and organizations.

The industry is always evolving. With the updates and upgrades in technology as well as in science, the healthcare industry is growing and is evolving at a fast rate. Discoveries are found regularly and new studies are being done each day.

The National Health Service (also known as NHS) in the United Kingdom has put together facts and numbers for the country. This should allow people to understand the situation of the healthcare industry.


According to the NHS, the net expenditure of the country has gone up. It used to be £78.881 billion for 2006 and it has increased to £120.512 billion after 10 years. This net expenditure refers to the resource amount including the capital, with the depreciation deducted. The study of the NHS further found out that the budget of the country for healthcare is deemed to go up. In 2016, the budget is at £120.512 and it is expected to go up to £123.202 this year.

More and more individuals are being part of the healthcare industry and this includes not only the nurses and doctors who provide healthcare services. The healthcare industry also employs utility workers, technicians, laboratory personnel, orderlies, engineers, IT experts, and administrative personnel among many others. A healthcare recruitment agency can provide a list of the varied positions that they work with.

Providers for NHS services 

In the United Kingdom in 2017, there are 207 clinical groups that provide commissioning services. As for acute trusts that are non-specialist, there are 135 of these and that includes a total of 84 of foundation trusts. There are also 17 acute trusts of specialists and that includes foundation trusts that total to 16. The country also has 54 total trusts for mental health with 42 of those belonging to foundation trusts.

There are also a total of 35 community providers which are made up of 11 trusts for NHS, 6 total in foundations trusts, social enterprises that total 17, and a limited company. The country is also home to ambulance trusts that total to 10 with half of that as foundation trusts. There are also general physician practices in the United Kingdom that total to 7,454. The UK is also home to 853 of profit and non-profit independent groups which offer their healthcare services to patients in the country from a total of 7,331 locations. The number surely has risen this 2019 and this has made any healthcare recruitment agency busy finding and matching the needed staff and personnel. All of these need people to help run their businesses and organizations to be able to provide the best healthcare services and customer experience to all their clients and patients.



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