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New Personnel is in the business of supporting finance professionals find the best companies to work with. It is also in the business of assisting companies get matched to the best professionals in the finance industry. We have been assisting individuals find success in their careers in the finance industry. We have also been providing support for businesses grow their business. Recruitment is what New Personnel is best at with over 10 years of experience in recruitment.

A global scope

The finance industry is huge in scope. New Personnel has been working with different areas in this huge world - from commerce to banking to consultancies to forex and everything else in between. We work with all jobs in the finance industry and with all positions. There is no position too small or any job too big. We match the qualified professionals to the right companies using a system we have created specifically for this.

The New Personnel team are composed of experts who have gone through rigorous training and have untamed passion for the work that they do. Our matches for companies and professionals have a high success rate. We are all rooting for your success and that is why we choose to do what we do. 


Work with finance professionals

Businesses in the finance industry are in need of the best skilled and experienced professionals who can do the tedious work of crunching numbers. New Personnel has worked on a hiring process that would allow us to match you with the best individuals in the finance industry that would be a match to what you require. We do the hard work of searching for those skilled finance professionals who are inspired and motivated. New Personnel will find the perfect match for your finance needs - we want to help you and your business grow and achieve more success.

We work with a number of occupations that are needed in the finance industry. These are some the occupations that we work with but are not limited to following:

  • Treasurer
  • Financial analyst
  • Internal auditor
  • Loan officer
  • Operations manager
  • Bank teller
  • Branch manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Financial advisor
  • Trader
  • Quantitative analyst
  • Actuarian
  • Accountant
  • Tax manager
  • Economist

Committed to quality

Quality is at the top of our priorities when providing our clients with our services. We want to make sure that we do our work well and that clients and professionals are satisfied with the results that they get each and every time. New Personnel has a list of repeat clients that continues to grow each day. This is our commitment and we take pride in it.

New Personnel will search for the best match for your business or for your career. We make sure that we choose only the best, the most qualified, and the one that comes with the best skills as per your needs. We ensure that the finance professionals we tap are the ones that have the best match to your company's ideals. 


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